Pistol Selection

This page will help you analyze which pistol is right for you based on a number of factors. My selection matrix has been designed to give you a quick selection process by simply rating what is important to you. Your level of importance placed on each response will help determine a handgun for your needs. While this is not an "end all be all" type of format, it may point you in the right direction to selecting a proper sidearm that will suit your needs.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer here, and like many of us, you may answer with "all of the above" and have a variety of handguns for different scenarios! For instance, my conceal carry choice will be a much different weapon that the one I take to the range for competition shooting. The first weapon I choose for home defense will not necessarily be the conceal carry or the competition shooter either. So when using this matrix, get in your mind what you want this pistol's primary function to be, and assign your values based on this role.

Give a value to each of the traits based on a scale of 1-10, 10 being very important to you, 1 being not important at all. Your point total will then be tallied and this will give you a general handgun type that best describes your preferences based on how you rated the traits.

When you are finished rating the 5 traits, hit the tabulate button below and this will take you to the appropriate page for your selection.

  1. Reliability -It goes bang every time you pull the trigger.
  2. Firepower -How big of a hole do you want to make in the target?
  3. Concealable -How well can you hide this item in clothing?
  4. Accuracy -How well does it put a hole where you are aiming?
  5. Ammo Capacity -How many rounds are available before reloading?