Understand why it is important to own a pistol, and know how to properly select, use and care for it.


Upcoming CCL New and CCL Renewal Classes at Leo's in Loves Park, IL.

Sunday April 14th 10AM-2PM CCL Renewal

Sat. & Sun. April 27 & 28 CCL NEW

Sunday May 5th 10AM-2PM CCL Renewal

Sat. & Sunday May 18 & 19 CCL NEW

Sunday June 9th 10AM-2PM CCL Renewal

Sat. & Sun. June 22 & 23 CCL NEW

Sat. & Sun. July 13 & 14 CCL NEW

Sunday July 28th 10AM-2PM CCL Renewal

Call Leo's to sign up, 779 210-7227.


March 2024, Great job everyone!


Great class for February 2024!


Welcome to 2024!


The last group of 2023!


November 2023, a fun group of good shooters!


October 2023, very good class, both academically and shooting!


September 2023 Very good shooting class!


August 2023, Great job everyone!


June 2023, Very fun class and good shooters too!


May 2023, New CCL members, congratulations!


The biggest class of 2023 so far, great job everyone!


A perfect 30 for 30 for all six shooters in March class at Leo's, great job everyone!


Feb. 2023 at Leo's, nice job everyone!


Feb. 2023 A great class at the Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club in Chana, IL


Congratulations to the first class of 2023!


The last class of 2022, thank you everyone!

November 5th &6th Class, Great job everyone!


October 1st & 2nd at Leo's , great job class!

September 10-11 New CCL certificate holders, very good shooting class!

August 6-7 New CCL class great job everyone!

16 new members of the Concealed Carry Community July 10th, Congratulations!

Renewal Class July 10 at Leo's, nice job and here's to 5 more years!

Congratulations to these fine folks for completing their 2 day training!

Good to go for another 5 years! Great job renewal class!

Renewal Class at Leo's Guns in Loves Park, 5 more years of CCL!

Chana, IL Feb. 5th & 6th 2022, Great job everyone!

May 15-16 at Leo's Guns, fun class and everyone did very well!

March 20-21 in Pecatonica, nice job everyone!

February 27-28, my first class at Leo's Guns, thank you everyone, a very fun class!

February 20-21 Pecatonica, IL. A fun group, Pecatonica is always a great time!

Jan. 30-31 Chana, IL. My largest class and they braved the cold to qualify for their CCL, great job class!

Pecatonica, IL full 2 day CCL class, October 17-18, 2020.

The recertification class of October 3, 2020.

September 12-13 Cherry Valley, IL, great job class!

July 11-12 2020 in Loves Park, IL, great class and even a few second time (voluntary) students!

June 6-7, 2020 class. Great job as all students went 30 for 30 on their qualification! Congratulations and welcome to the CCL community!

My first class of 2020 from Chana, IL. I forgot to take the class photo, but here is a collage of them in the cold with their targets, great job everyone!

Great class from September 22, 2019, Excellent job everyone!

CCL Re-Certification, May 2019.

Chana, IL class April 2019. Don't mess with Chana!

Here are a few comments given by former students in the course evaluation section:

“Tim Karr goes above and beyond for his students.  He makes the effort to learn his students’ names, their backgrounds and their personal reasons for wanting a concealed carry license.  He tailors the discussions to meet their personal needs and provides the individual attention necessary to ensure the success of every student.  He provides links to important resources via email and provides each student with a digitized copy of their training certificate to make the CCL application process easier.”

"Truly a fun course with an interactive instructor that was rather in depth..."

"Great course and instructor"

"Better understanding of all safety with handguns..."

"Training was informational and useful"

"Thank so much for the course it was worth every penny...definitely will be recommending you to anyone interested in taking ccl or gun safety/shooting..."

"Awesome job, very personable, thank you!"

"I definitely learned a lot. Tim was a great instructor, very knowledgeable"

All Courses instructed by Tim Karr. Tim is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, and an Illinois State Police certified Firearm Concealed Carry License Instructor.

Pistol ownership gives you the means to defend yourself, which is a God Given right and the foundation for the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. In these uncertain times, it is vitally important to make preparations using knowledge and skill to overcome adversity.

What is a Pistol-Patriot? Well, hopefully by the time you are through reading my website you will have a greater understanding of the term. Whether you are a potential first time owner or an experienced shooter, this site has something to offer everyone. Who doesn't want to learn to hit what they are shooting at right?

Some of the information I will cover include a brief history revealing the foresight our patriot ancestors demonstrated, conceal carry/open carry laws, how to properly select a handgun based on a number of factors, and also holster and ammunition selection. You will be able to purchase these and other items directly from this site, or I will refer you to some of my favorites that I have done business with in the past; trusted, honorable merchants.

Oh, and most importantly, how not to put a hole into something you don't intend to shoot, better known as "weapon safety"! This site will also answer the question as to the "why" of ownership, and how vital it is in today's society.

It doesn't matter what background you come from, what type of upbringing you had, or your current financial position, I will outline steps you can take to maintain your loved ones safety by purchasing the items best suited to your situation and having the confidence to use them correctly. You will learn that shooting can be a fun hobby for everyone in the family, a vital skill that youngsters should both respect and enjoy.

Ask yourself this: Who would I rather introduce my teenager to properly handle a pistol; me, after I have learned the safety techniques, or his friend down the street when they get into his dad's cabinet? Reminds me of the scene from "The Sixth Sense" when the ghost of the dead boy walks by with his skull half gone and says, "Let me show you where my dad keeps his shotgun!"

It is those images that today's media would like you to associate with guns. They want you to be afraid, to be unarmed, defenseless. Defenseless from whom you ask? Well...that is an answer that is growing ever clearer, one that today's modern Patriots are understanding.

Like Paul Revere warning the colonists about the British invasion, we have a duty today to make our citizens aware of the dangers ahead and give them the knowledge to take action.